The OutCast Agency

The OutCast Agency is an award-winning communications agency with offices in San Francisco and New York.  We partner with disruptors and leaders to build brands and create value. We are dedicated to providing excellent client service and getting unmatched results for our clients. We are passionate about the industries we work in, and are always open to trying new things.

Just as we pride ourselves on not doing cookie-cutter work, there’s no formula to what makes a great OutCast. We know – and we want you to know – that success is exhilarating and fun, and we like being a part of it. But getting there has to be a great experience too. That’s why we build our team around those who are dedicated to having fun while they make their clients shine. Being around enthusiastic, tenacious, intelligent people who have a sense of humor makes every day more interesting and more exciting.

Job Responsibilities

Vice President Candidates should be able to demonstrate strong leadership abilities and prior success on Enterprise accounts. They must also have well developed media relations skills and contacts, as well as exceptional people and account management skills.

The Role:
Vice Presidents play an integral role in the continued success and growth of the agency. They are responsible for all aspects of agency development including client service standards, service offerings, and mentoring staff. They oversee and manage teams and annual budgets. As part on the agency Executive and Leadership teams, VP’s will develop new agency goals and deliverables, drive business goals and performance metrics, also provide oversight and counsel on team resources and structure. Additionally, VP’s are responsible for the success of their accounts including overall strategy and positioning, highest level client and media contact, and major events, launches, or news. In addition, they participate in the continued success of the agency through mentoring and formally career coaching within the agency.

Required Experience:

-          7-10 years public relations, media relations, corporate communications (can be combined)

-          5-7 years direct experience supervising individuals and managing teams

-          4+ years project management

Base Salary

Depending on Experience